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ADAM(Analysis Data Model)

COURSES WE OFFER ADAM (Analysis Data Model)

  • Fundamental Principles
  • Traceability

Analysis Data Flow Metadata Components: ADAM Data Structures

  • The Subject Level Analysis Dataset (ADSL) Structure
  • The Basis Data Structures (BDS)
  • Future ADAM Data Structures

Analysis Datasets:

  • Practical Considerations
  • The Number And Content Of Analysis Datasets
  • Analysis Dataset And Variable Naming Conventions
  • Ordering of Variables

ADAM Metadata:

  • Analysis Dataset Metadata
  • Illustration of Dataset Metadata

Analysis Parameter Value-Level Metadata:

  • Illustration of Analysis Variable Metadata, Including Analysis Parameter Value-Level

Analysis Results Metadata:

  • Illustration of Analysis Results Metadata

Data for Subjects not Analyzed:

  • Subject Level Analysis Dataset

ADAM Specifications:

ADAM Projects:

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